Hydrogen fuel cell

The smart off-grid systems we design and install mostly contain the primary renewable energy sources solar and/or wind. To cover the energy demand during less sunny and windy seasons is always the main challenge during the engineering process, for which we use different kind of battery storage systems. Depending on the local situation and project requirements it ranges from lead-acid, AGM, Lithium to salt water storage solutions. In certain off-grid application (especially off-shore) battery storage is however not sufficient to provide stable power year-round, which requires an alternative energy source.

Sun & Wind Factory has already long term experience in fuel cells using (bio)ethanol as a steady source of energy for small scale systems.
The hydrogen fuel cell is a logical continuation and a nice addition to a solar / battery system that can provide a stable energy input.
When insufficient energy comes from the solar panels and the wind turbine and the battery voltage no longer provides sufficient energy, the hydrogen set can take over the energy production. When the solar panels and wind turbine produce energy again, the hydrogen set will turn off in order to ensure the greatest possible autonomy. This clean, quiet and affordable fuel cell only emits water and is a reliable and sustainable alternative to additional batteries or a generator.


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